About Us

Neat & Discreet, Inc. is a well established home organization service in Northwest Broward County, Florida. We are the proud winner of Thumbtack’s “Top Pro” and several local business awards over the past three years. Visit our Thumbtack profile for more information about what we do. 


We are here to organize your home or office to make life more manageable. Moving can be overwhelming, and we make your life easier by regrouping, organizing and categorizing your items. And it isn’t just closets that need organizing — we will straighten up your:

* Garage
* Office
* Living room
* Bookshelves
* Closets
* Bedroom
* Kids’ rooms/playrooms
* Kitchen
* Bathroom


Putting your home in order shouldn’t be stressful. We create order from chaos, and in doing so, you’ll feel the positive energy. Clean rooms look bigger and the aura of tranquility is noticeable. From sorting through your belongings to arranging to donate unwanted items, we take care of everything from start to finish. We partner with Women in Distress, animal hospitals, the Humane Society, and orphanages to provide them with clothing and other items.